RFID technology being the core of the product development, Feibot has developed a series of outstanding timing products, many of which are patented, including F800 timing box, folding mat antenna and mechanical clock. Feibot F800 timing system is also certified by Chinese Athletic Association, they have been used in many CAA certified raes. Built in high quality, and with excellent performance, the products are well received by customers in more than 30 countries.

The F800 timing box is compact and versatile, with two built-in readers, a large lithium battery, and a large touch screen. It’s simpler to use, easy to control, has reliable reading performance.

FMA2 UHF mat antenna, it is lightweight and foldable, easy to set up and disassemble, and it can be connected into any length. It has high reading rate with powerful antenna.

The FB2 double-sided mechanical clock has multiple functions such as counting up and counting down. It can be operated remotely by APP, which is convenient and simple. Multiple clocks can be synchronized and execute instructions uniformly.

Feibot products help you to have a reliable and successful timing experience.

  • Simple & Efficient

    It’s user friendly, easy to use, and time saving. It helps you to time the race effortlessly.

  • Accurate & Reliable

    Professional timing solution certified by Chinese Athletic Association. Accurate and reliable results for your race.

  • Customization

    Customize the products according to customer’s requirement.

  • Patent Protection

    Original design, multiple patents.