A400 Active Timing System

Light and portable, easy to carry around, easy to operate.

Accurate and reliable performance, accurate to 0.001s.

Low power consumption, high capacity battery.

Solid safety box to protect the device.

Can be used for high speed race timing.


Model Number: A400

Maximum Timing Speed: 150km/h

Timing Accuracy: 0.001s

Communication: 2.4G wireless

Low frequency connector: N male (2)

High frequency connector: LP-12 (2)

Transponder: Feibot Power Tag

Built-in Battery: Lithium, 12v

Operating time of battery: 40 hours reading(fully charged)

Accessories: power adapter, cable extension loop, antenna, USB cable, key

Packing Info:

Packing size: 28*22*15CM

Gross weight: 4.5KG