Gold Label race -- Chongqing marathon held successfully on Nov 15th, 2020


On November 15, 2020, Changan Automobile Chongqing marathon ended on Nanbin Road, Chongqing. After fierce competition, Li Bo and Xiang Fuzhao won the men's and women's Marathon Championships in 2 hours 23 minutes 15 seconds and 2 hours 58 minutes 53 seconds respectively.

Chongqing marathon originally scheduled for March 22nd was postponed to November 15th because of the CONVID-19 pandemic. The scale of the event was reduced from the 30000 people to 4900 people, including 4000 people for Marathon (42.195 km) and 900 people for mini Marathon (5 km), who have to be residents of Chongqing.

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After ten years of development, Chongqing marathon has grown from the first full marathon in Western China to double gold label race by CAA and IAAF. 2020 Chongqing marathon in 2020 cancels the half marathon project. Chongqing marathon has entered the era of full marathon and is getting more professional in race organizing.

In order to improve the contestants' experience and performance, the organizer also optimized and upgraded the track. Some sections with large fluctuation were cancelled, so that the runners can achieve better performance.

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As the competition is limited to local athletes in Chongqing, in order to make up for the regret that athletes from other regions that can’t participate in the competition, the organizer specially launched the "2020 Chongqing marathon online race". Many people can cheer for the athletes and watch the live broadcast of the competition online.

From 2017 to 2019, for three consecutive years, Chongqing marathon has been elected top 10 of the most influential and valuable brand of "China Marathon" sponsored by people's network.


Feibot team at Chongqing Marathon

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