Feibot flip clock timed Run the track race at Shanghai on 2021 New Year's Day


Started from 2015, Run the track is held every year on New Year’s day at SAIC international circuit. Because of its unique track and brand proposition of "health, happiness, auspiciousness and inspiration", the event has become the largest new year's road running race in Shanghai after six years of development. Many runners and citizens of Shanghai enthusiastically sign up for the race. It has gradually developed into a landmark cultural activity for Shanghainese to pray for new year's blessings in recent years.


In accordance with the principle of epidemic prevention and control, the scale of the event was 6000 people, 3000 people for 5.4KM happy run, 3000 people for 21.6KM run.


The race started at 8:30am and 10:30 am respectively.


In the end, Wang Hongwei won the championship of male’s race with a score of 1:07:45, breaking the record of 1:07:54, which he set last year, and also won the title of triple crown.


Zhang Xinyan was the defending champion for women’s race with a result of 1:13:20. It’s 10 seconds less than last year's results. Li Meizhen came second with a score of 1:16:00.