The biggest running race in 2020 - Xi'an Marathon 2020.11.8


At 7:30AM, November 8th 2020, Xi'an marathon started at Yongning gate, the South Gate of the city wall.

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More than 24000 athletes from all over the country gathered in the ancient city of Xi'an, it’s warm up for the upcoming 14th National Games. The brand new route will let you enjoy the ancient and modern urban landscape of Xi'an and feel the passion and happiness brought by Xi'an Marathon! 

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The fourth Xi'an marathon is one of the 100 marathon events of "I want to go to the National Games", and it is also the first event after Xi'an marathon been awarded "gold label road race" in China.


Thousands of people stood on the streets to cheer for the athletes, and the whole city was infected by the enthusiasm of Xi'an marathon.

This year's Xi'an marathon not only brings a high standard and high-quality sports event to the national runners, but also highlights the fine service of the organizers. They launched the first IPTV channel with China Telecom. CCTV, People’s network, Xinhua Network had live broadcast of the race, Tiktok and Kuaishou App also live streamed the race, which has enabled more than 8 million viewers being possible to watch the race at home.

Finally, after intense competition, Mei zengbiao(1:08:14) won the first place in the men's half marathon, Xia Yuyu(1:17:35) won the first place in the women's half marathon, Yang Dinghong(2:17:54) won the first place in the men's marathon, and Jin Mingming(2:31:29) won the first place in the women's marathon.


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A total of 123800 runners from all over the country signed up for the 2020 Xi'an marathon. After drawing lots, more than 24000 runners finally participated in the competition, with a comprehensive winning rate of 18.18%. In order to meet the needs of more runners, Xi'an Marathon built and launched the Online race, so that more runners who love running but can't go to the race in person can feel the vitality and passion brought by Xi'an marathon in another form.

The 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi on September 15, 2021. The successful holding of the 2020 Xi'an marathon will play an important role in warming up the upcoming 14th National Games.

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Feibot Team at Xi’an Marathon