Feibot Active Timing System Provides Timing Service for Mountain Bike and Road Bike Races


The 2020 Mountain Bike Race around Huangcai Mountain was successfully held in Shanxi on October 10th and 11th. The road bike race was held on October 10th, with a total length of 52km and 198 runners. The 11th was a mountain bike race with a total length of 63 km and 376 participants.


The track of this competition integrates high-quality fruits, leisure and sightseeing, creative sports and rural experience. The contestants can experience the passion of the competition and feel the charm of green ecology at the same time.


Feibot engineers arrived at the competition venue ahead of time to laid and debugged the timing equipment. According to the characteristics of bike race, we used Feibot active timing system, Feibot mechanical clock and Feibot score timing software, which can not only meet the needs of high-speed timing, but also adapt to the format of the race, so as to count and generate results in a more simple and effective way.


Feibot active active timing system is developed for racing events. Feibot A400 and Feibot powertag active chip can complete various timing tasks. For example, swimming, roller skating, triathlon, bicycle, kart, motorcycle, UAV, etc.


In this bicycle race, the terrain of the road bike race is flat, but there may be living signal frequencies when passing through the village, so the anti-interference ability of the timing system is required. The mountain track is more rugged, and the demand for earthquake resistance is relatively high. Feibot a400 adopts active dual frequency technology, with high recognition rate and read-write accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability. Feibot PowerTag active chip is light and convenient in design, anti-seismic, waterproof and high-temperature resistant, and has built-in data antenna, which can send data in real-time, adapt to various environments, and obtain more accurate results.


As the players continued to arrive at the finish line, the results of the players on the Feibot score timing software were also updated.


Feibot has been in existence for 16 years, with footprints all over the world, but we will not stop, will continue to move forward.