Product Introduction | Feibot PowerMapperV6—Multifunctional RF Monitor


The monitor looks small but powerful.


This is an instrument for monitoring RF signal strength. It has many uses. The following are the two most common ones:          

First, the antenna signal strength can be detected and the working state of the antenna can be mastered at any time.            

Second, it can actively monitor malicious interference signals to avoid the loss of event data and effectively reduce the event risk.

Some people may think that such instruments are not used in so many competitions. Is it unnecessary?        

In fact, it hasn’t been used doesn’t mean it’s not needed. For example, the Lanzhou Marathon, one of the 2019 double gold events, was suspected of encountering unknown external interference, which led to the loss of scores of a large number of athletes. This is a huge loss to the players and the event organizing committee. It is hoped that the application of feibot multifunctional RF monitor can help to reduce the occurrence of such situation.

So, how does feibot powermapperv6 multi-function RF monitor work?           

At present, most of the events are timed using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. When the player wears the chip bib number and passes through the timing mat or antenna, the timing system will automatically identify the player's information and record the corresponding time. This method of multi-point timing throughout the entire process will eventually generate various results by the timing software, such as gunshot results, net results, and segment results. However, RF signal is essentially electromagnetic wave with specific wavelength, so it may be interfered by electromagnetic wave with the same frequency or similar frequency.


Feibot PowerMapperV6 monitor can receive electromagnetic wave of corresponding frequency band, and display the signal strength of electromagnetic wave through pointer rotation. When there is no signal, the pointer returns to zero. Once the electromagnetic wave is received, the pointer points to the corresponding value with the signal strength. According to the measuring range and direction of the monitor, the antenna can be checked whether it works normally and the direction is correct, and it can measure and avoid signal blind angle. For the possible environmental interference, it can also be eliminated by monitoring before the competition.

The monitor is sensitive and accurate, equipped with - 6dB attenuator, supports all RFID timing devices, and is CE certified and meets all known radio standards. The device has no battery, does not send or radiate any radio frequency signal, does not produce interference, and has an extremely long service life. It can be used in many ways, such as hand-held, placed, or fixed in timing environment. It can also monitor from multiple directions. Whether it is self-examination of timing system or environmental monitoring, it is very accurate and reliable.

Event timing is a highly professional work, and you must ensure that the data is accurate and infallible. But for a long time, there is no corresponding technical support. Once the data is lost, it will be very difficult to recover. It will also make the competition questionable and the professionalism will be greatly reduced. Feibot PowerMapperV6 monitor can eliminate technical faults and environmental interference, allowing us to make more adequate preparations and be responsible for the players and the competition.


·       Frequency range 850MHz to 950 MHz Europe, USA and Fare East frequencies.

·       Tested with Dipole, linear, circular patch and cross polarized antennas.

·       Tested for use to EN302 208, 866 MHz EU standard.

·       Tested for use with 915MHz US FCC approved RFID readers.

·       Tested for use at 922.5MHz China.

·       The Battery life is Infinite. (It runs on harvested RF power)

·       CE marked and conforms to all known radio standards.

·       The Feibot Power-Mapper contains no banned substances, RoHs compliant.

·       The Feibot Power-Mapper does not transmit or radiate any RF signals.

·       Height 109mm, Width 70mm, Depth 41mm.

·      The antenna is hand tuned to 908MHz center frequency.