Feibot A400 Active Timing System


Now all kinds of sports events are becoming more and more rich. For timing companies, according to the characteristics of different events, we should select suitable equipment to achieve satisfactory results. Feibot has conducted in-depth research on high-speed events and independently developed Feibot active timing system.


转转Feibot A400

A400 is the representative model of Feibot active series. It is mainly used for high-speed timing. The maximum timing speed is 150km / h and the accuracy is 0.001 seconds. It can be used in swimming, roller skating, triathlon, bicycle, kart, motorcycle, UAV and other racing events.


Feibot powerTag, the active chip, weighing only 15g, is light and portable. Fully sealed product design, so that its anti-seismic, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, can withstand all kinds of "ravages" in the event. Built in battery, dual chip and data antenna, support low-frequency wake-up, high-frequency transmission, active real-time data transmission, more accurate results. Usually in a dormant state, so that its energy consumption is extremely low, a charge of electricity can be used for 3 to 5 years. It can be reused for many times with high cost performance and environmental protection.



Model Number: A400

Maximum Timing Speed: 150km/h

Timing Accuracy: 0.001s

No. of High Frequency Interfaces: 2

No. of Low Frequency Interfaces: 2

Receiving Antenna Connector: N-type male connector

Low Frequency Connector: LP-12

Chip: Feibot PowerTag Active Chip

Communication: Wireless transmission

Accessories: power adapter, key, USB Cable connection

Operating time of battery: 40 hours reading(fully charged)

Build-in Battery:Lithium,12V