Technical exchange seminar and relocation ceremony of Feibot



On September 5,2020, the technical exchange seminar and relocation ceremony of Feibot were held in Xi'an. We invited our clients, peers and media professionals more than 100 people to have friendly exchanges on the development of sports events.


Mr.Wang, vice-general manager of the Feibot, is introducing the guests

Mr.Gu, founder and chairman of Feibot, gave a speech to all the guests and expressed his gratitude for their help and support over the years. The establishment of Feibot stems from the love of runners and we will make a contribution to sports industry.


Mr. Gu, founder and chairman of the Feibot, is giving a speech

Mr. Tang, general manager of Jiangsu Do-Win Sports Goods Co., Ltd., has always been good friends and long-term partners with Mr.Gu for many years. He said that after the development and transformation of the sports industry, Feibot has gradually become a leader in race timing industry. He wished that Feibot could keep pace with the times and develop vigorously in the future.


Mr. Tang, general manager of Jiangsu Do-Win Sports Goods Co., Ltd, is delivering a speech

After that, Mr. Gu Tianyuan, general manager of Feibot, made a speech. First of all, he described the history of Feibot, and summarized its excellent achievements in 2019. Then he briefly introduced the Feibot's status quo, and presented some cases of events services provided by Feibot. As you can see, Feibot’s products have outstanding performance regardless of the usage scenarios and the scale of the event and our customers are all around the world. Finally, he said that Feibot has a comprehensive and advanced industrial foundation and he hoped Feibot can become the world's leading provider of technology, products and services in the next five years.


Mr. Gu Tianyuan, general manager of Feibot, is introducing Feibot's recent developments


Guests are delivering their speech actively

The successful holding of this seminar has further strengthened the relationship between Feibot, sports industry and the mainstream media. This seminar will help to enhance industry cohesion, promote closer cooperation and the growth of technology, under the COVID-19 attaction, which has had a huge impact on various industries. It will also establish the confidence for the sports industry to insist on innovation-driven and high-quality development.


After the seminar, all the people have a group photo taken to mark this occasion